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World Cup 2022

Monday, 21 November - Monday, 19 December

Join us to watch the 2022 World Cup LIVE & LOUD on the big screens!

The teams are locked in and the world is ready to watch the greatest players in world football go head-to-head in Qatar!

Catch many of the thrilling moments of the World Cup this Summer at The Hope Inn!

Support your team in this GLOBAL sporting event. It only comes around once every 4 years! So, pull an all nighter and round up the crew!

We’ve got you sorted this World Cup series.

Check out the sports schedule below to find out what games we’ll be showing.


21/11/22       England                      vs.                      Iran                              11:30pm

22/11/22       Argentina                   vs.                      Saudi Arabia              8:30pm

22/11/22       Denmark                    vs.                      Tunisia                       11:30pm

23/11/22       France                        vs.                       Australia                     6:00am

23/11/22       Morocco                    vs.                       Croatia                         8:30pm

23/11/22       Germany                    vs.                      Japan                          11:30pm

24/11/22       Switzerland               vs.                      Cameroon                    8:30pm

24/11/22       Uruguay                     vs.                      South Korea               11:30pm

25/11/22       Wales                         vs.                       Iran                              8:30pm

25/11/22       Qatar                          vs.                       Senegal                       11:30pm

26/11/22       Tunisia                       vs.                      Australia                      8:30pm

26/11/22       Poland                        vs.                      Saudi Arabia              11:30pm

27/11/22       Japan                         vs.                       Costa Rica                   8:30pm

27/11/22       Belgium                     vs.                       Morocco                     11:30pm

28/11/22       Cameroon                 vs.                        Serbia                         8:30pm

28/11/22       South Korea              vs.                       Ghana                        11:30pm

30/11/22       Wales                         vs.                       England                       5:30am

01/12/22       Australia                    vs.                       Denmark                     1:30am